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The Logistics of Doing a Divi Client Site in 24 Hours Featuring Jake Kramer – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 44

Hey Divi Nation, we’ve got a great show for you this week with guest Jake Kramer of Artillery Media and Jake is a young guy who has teamed up with our guest from last week, John Wooten, to run a bold and multifaceted Divi design business. Learn his story and find out more about how his team has already created hundreds of 24 hour Divi websites in the episode below.

The Logistics of Doing a Divi Client Site in 24 Hours Featuring Jake Kramer – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 44

In today’s episode of Divi Nation we interview Jake Kramer of Artillery Media, Superfly, and He shares his WordPress/Divi story, gives us an overview of the business he helps run, and then gets into the details and logistics of how they provide a growing stream of customers with 24 hour Divi websites. Enjoy!

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How to Disable Gravatar Author Images and Add Your Own

WordPress allows us to use custom avatars that we upload to Gravatar. The Gravatar images are assigned to our accounts and follow us from one website to another, helping identify the author whether it’s a blog post or comment. This creates a Globally Recognized Avatar, or Gravatar for short. What if you want to disable Gravatar author images and add your own?

It’s possible that a contributor won’t have a Gravatar. It’s also possible they have one and don’t want to use it for your website. Allowing users to add their own avatars is a great way to let them personalize their account for your website and to use an avatar other than the default if they don’t have a Gravatar.

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The Best New Divi Feature Of The Year? Introducing Options Organization & Options Search

Improved Options Organization

Every Divi Builder option has been re-organized and similar options have been grouped together into easily-browsable categories.

Today we are releasing what has to be my favorite new Divi feature of the year. It’s my favorite new feature because I know what a huge impact it’s going to have on your productivity, and I love releasing updates that improve efficiency and make Divi and easier and more enjoyable tool to use.

Divi has had a long journey and with each evolution the builder has become more robust and rich with features. Every time we added new module option, however, the options tabs became just a bit more cluttered. For those just starting out with Divi, finding a desired module setting could take some time. It was often unclear if the setting existed, and if it did, under which tab the option could be found. Within each tab, the long list of unorganized options were difficult to sift through.

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10 “Hidden” Divi Features You Need to Know About

In recent years, many convenient and powerful features have been added to the Divi Theme. And, some of these features may have snuck in to your theme without you realizing it. In fact, they are lurking right now, hiding in plain site (an impressive survival tactic maybe, but an unfortunate one). That is why I’m taking some time to shed some light on ten Divi features that should not remain hidden or ignored.

Let’s take a look…

1. Right Click Options

Feature Location: Simply right click on any section from within the Divi Builder.

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How to Create Your Ideal Client Checklist (And Why You Should Have One)

Have you ever experienced a web design client that texts you during the weekend for tips on social media? How about the client that tries to haggle with you because they have a “friend” who can do something for a fraction of the price?

Bad clients exist, and your business is going to suffer if you decide to work with them.

All web designers and developers need to get started somewhere. Unfortunately that’s where we get stuck in a rut. You think, “Well, I need the money, and it would be nice to build my portfolio. What could go wrong?”

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