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Ten Essentials of Brand-Enhancing Customer Support from within WordPress

Many businesses think of customer support as a cost center. It’s a part of your business with a (potentially hefty) cost attached, but which doesn’t directly generate revenue. With this in mind, I can understand why many business owners view the costs attached to customer support with disdain.

This completely misses the point, however. Although customer support might not add to your bottom line directly, it still adds significant value to a business. How? Well, here are a few reasons for starters:

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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your WordPress Dev/Design Portfolio Fresh

If you’ve been a WordPress developer and/or designer for long, you’ll have likely dealt with this problem.

You landed several really great clients or even a full-time spot. Your workday is filled with answering client demands, attending meetings, and hunting down that perfect plugin. It’s a good place to be, especially if your goal has been to make money with your WordPress expertise. However, something might have fallen by the wayside. In all the flurry to meet client needs, you’ve neglected to maintain your website.

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5 Common Fears of WordPress Freelancers and How to Beat Them

Fear. No single emotion has greater potential to stop you from achieving your goals in life – if you choose to allow it.

Fear of failure, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of setting your prices incorrectly, fear of not being able to land clients – the potential sources of fear is as varied as the number of different types of freelancers working today.

Look, no one ever said that launching a career as a WordPress freelancer would be easy. If that’s what you were told, I don’t think you received information that was entirely accurate.

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