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Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and main source of income for almost all bloggers. If you are newbie and want to earn some decent amount of income from affiliate products then you need to know the basic things such as promote products related to your niche, write articles with quality content, write a real review of affiliate products and cloak the affiliate links.

So first we will see what is the affiliate link cloaking?
Affiliate link cloaking means it will mask your affiliate link and showing another link to the user and search engine.

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4 Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugin

Adsense is one of the most popular and number one choice for all of us to displaying adsense ads in our blog. If your blog have some decent traffic than displaying ads in a blog and earn money, it is a nice way to earn money online. If you are newbie than this best google adsense WordPress plugin will help you in many ways with out any hassle like displaying ads format, ads size, ads block position etc. Also for newbie first you need to know, which placement of the ads are best it is because ads placing is one of the important factor. If you are placing adsense ads within content you will earn batter than you have placing ads outside of the content like sidebar or beside of header logo.

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