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Podcast Episode 25: WordCamp EU Wraps Up and WordPress Security News

From Berlin we talk about our experience attending the largest WordCamp in the world and then dive into the news. We discuss 2,600 hacked WordPress sites being used for a free proxy service, Iranian cyber attacks, an attack at JPL affecting NASA and a WeTransfer security incident. We also cover a phishing breach at Oregon DHS affecting over 645,000 Oregonians, 2.9 million Canadians affected by a leak at Desjardins Group, and the bankruptcy filing of the collections firm behind the Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp breach.

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Podcast Episode 24: How Focusing on a Single Vertical Helps an Agency Succeed with Frank Robinson

Mark sat down with Frank Robinson at WordCamp Atlanta a few weeks ago. Frank started Studio Media 22 in 2008, an agency focused on building sites and digital media in the beauty industry. Frank is a software designer and entrepreneur growing his business. We talk about why he focused on the beauty industry and how that gives him a competitive advantage, the opportunities for business, film and technology in Atlanta as well as why security and Wordfence is such a critical part of his business.

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Podcast Episode 23: Security News from WCEU in Berlin

This week, we’re at WordCamp Europe in Berlin, Germany and there is a lot of WordPress and security news to cover. We talk about the recent outage with WordPress VIP Go, what’s new in WordPress version 5.2.2, vulnerabilities in two of Facebook’s WordPress plugins, a Google Chrome extension for reporting bad URLs and a Chrome extension found to hijack search results. We talk about the importance and future of Troy Hunt’s “Have I Been Pwned” project as he preps it for sale, a Firefox 0Day exploited in the wild, and two more American municipalities affected by malware. Evite disclosed a recent breach, Telegram gets DDoSed, a vulnerability found in Evernote’s Web Clipper and Netflix’s discovery of multiple Linux and FreeBSD vulnerabilities.

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Major Central Release: Alerts, Security Events and Slack Integration

In February we launched Wordfence Central, an efficient way to manage the security of many WordPress sites in one place. If you have multiple sites and haven’t checked it out yet, you should. It includes a powerful dashboard, a single interface to view and manage security findings across all of your sites and robust new tools that make managing Wordfence configuration for your websites a breeze.

Wordfence Central has been incredibly popular. Tens of thousands of sites have been added so far and more are added every day.

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Podcast Episode 22: Ninja Forms Developer James Laws on Building & Expanding a WordPress Business

Ninja Forms is used on over 1 million WordPress sites. In this episode, Mark interviews James Laws, the co-founder of WP Ninjas, the developers behind this robust and powerful form builder. James and Mark talk about revenue models that work, how to find new opportunities through market research, experimentation with new products and services as well as learning from your customers. They also discuss how to choose your next project when you have too many ideas, and the new businesses James and WP Ninjas are exploring in eCommerce. It’s a fascinating discussion that will help you think about your own businesses and career in new ways. Enjoy!

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