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Home Router Botnet Resumes Attacks

Yesterday at 7pm UTC (noon PDT) we saw the volume of brute force attacks on the WordPress sites that we protect more than double from the average for the previous 24 hours. The number of attacking IPs more than tripled.

The chart below shows the count of attacks per hour from June 12th onward. You can see a very obvious spike followed by about a 10-hour pull-back, and then another surge almost back to the high we saw with the spike.

Brute Force Attack Spike June 2017

We dug into the IP addresses behind the attacks to try to figure out who or what is behind the abrupt surge.

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WordPress Backups Are Critical to Your Security Strategy

On this blog, we often talk about employing a “defense in depth” approach to WordPress security. The majority of our focus is on the prevention and detection features offered by the Wordfence plugin. Today we turn our attention to WordPress backups, an incredibly important remediation topic.

Why Are WordPress Backups Important?

WordPress BackupsIf your site is compromised, having access to backups can make your life considerably easier. The fastest way to recover from a hacked website is to restore the latest version of the site that existed prior to the hack. You will still need to close the security hole the attacker used to compromise your site after your site is back up and running, but at least you’ll have your site back to working order in hours or even minutes.

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The May 2017 WordPress Attack Report

Today’s post is a continuation of the WordPress Attack Report series we’ve been publishing since December 2016. Previous versions can be found here: April 2017, March 2017February 2017January 2017 and December 2016.

This report contains the top 25 attacking IPs for the month of May and their details. It also includes charts of brute force and complex attack activity for the same period. We also include the top themes and plugins that were attacked, and which countries generated the most attacks for this period.

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PSA: OneLogin Breached. Here’s What You Need to Do.

This is a public service announcement from Wordfence. We are sending this notice to the WordPress community due to the widespread nature and potential severity of this security issue. It has a high likelihood of impacting some of our readers and requires immediate action on their part.

Single sign-on provider OneLogin has experienced a breach. If you or your company uses OneLogin to sign in to applications, or if you use any of their other services, you need to be aware of this and may need to take several actions immediately.

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7 Popular WordPress Security Myths

Because of its incredible popularity as a platform, WordPress enjoys a sizable, generous community of users that spend their time sharing information, resources, tips and insights with other WordPress users online. Understandably, online security is at the forefront of concerns for many site owners, and a lot of the online conversation about WordPress centers around the best ways to keep your site safe from hackers and security breaches. Despite the best of intentions from most users, there are a few myths surrounding WordPress security that persist and spread like wildfire, even if the recommendations they make don’t do anything to keep your site safe.

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