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Wordfence 6 Updates: Keeping the Bad Guys at Bay

Security is ever changing. Hackers, exploiters, and script kiddies never really sleep. They keep poking, and prodding, and testing, always trying to find a way to do what they want to do. Sometimes they want to use a website to host malware. Sometimes they want to use a website to send spam. Sometimes they just want to change your homepage to say “YOU GOT HAXORED!!!”

Regardless of why they do it or how they do it, the end result is the same.   It’s a pain in the neck to you. And because the bad guys never stop looking, here at Wordfence, we never stop. We keep improving our plugin and adding signatures for new threats as they arise. Security is what we do, and we do it well.

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Wordfence Launches IPv6 Support, announces Wordfence 6 and Passes 6 Million Downloads

A brief Introduction to IP version 6 (IPv6)

If you already have a solid understanding of IPv6, please click here to scroll down and learn how Wordfence now includes comprehensive support for IPv6.

World_IPv6_launch_logo_256We’ve known the Internet has been running out of IP addresses for a while. I’m going to explain how the current addressing scheme works, how the new addressing scheme works and why this matters to WordPress site owners – and what Wordfence is doing about it.

When the Net was first invented we used IP addresses that look like this: A.B.C.D or for example, That is actually a human readable format of what IP addresses really look like. Under the hood, an IP address is actually a really big number. It’s technically a 32 bit unsigned integer which means that it’s a number that ranges from 0 to 4294967295. So intuitively you can figure out that the maximum number of machines that can exist on the Network at any one time is 4294967296 (remember the zero if you’re checking my work) or four billion two hundred and ninety-four million nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand two hundred and ninety-six.

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Wordfence Announces Password Auditing

Today we are very excited to announce a new feature in Wordfence: Password Auditing. We have built a GPU cracking cluster by combining extremely high performance consumer gaming GPU’s with enterprise hardware to give our customers a way to audit the strength of their administrator and user passwords.

gpusRelease2We worked closely with our hosting provider Netriver in Lynnwood to commission a new custom higher power rack to provide this feature. A photo of the system is on the left.

To try out the new feature, simply download the newest version of Wordfence which is 5.3.11 at the time of this release, click the “Password Auditing” menu option and follow the instructions to start an audit. [Or upgrade to 5.3.11 if you haven’t already]

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WordPress Security: Hacked Images, Themes, Redirects and A Gem In The Sand

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post by Jim Walker [bio] who runs HackRepair and has been cleaning hacked websites for well over a decade. Jim regularly sends us interesting samples of infections he finds and he gets to see all sorts of novel infections in the wild. He put together this guest post about one of the more interesting infections he ran across:

Every once in a while I stumble onto an interesting website hack. Most of the hacked websites I repair are of the run-of-the-mill variety; you know the usual base64 code stuffed into some random WordPress script or plugin, along with a smattering of cookie-cutter back door scripts tossed into random directories. Generally predictable.

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WooCommerce SQL injection vulnerability

Yesterday Matt Barry, one of our researchers at Wordfence discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce version 2.3.5 and older during a code audit of the plugin repository.  WooCommerce is installed on over 1 million active WordPress websites.

We immediately contacted Woo about the issue and they’ve been incredibly responsive, releasing a fix this morning with their release of WooCommerce version 2.3.6. [Internally we’re actually shocked at how fast this went out. Great team, great product!!]

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