Do I need to buy a license for a font to use it in an iPhone game? [closed]

I am using the Calibri font in a game that I am developing for the iPhone, and I’m unsure if I need to pay for a license for it. I use the font in Adobe Photoshop to generate textures that are then used and displayed at runtime. I will not embed the font binary in the game.

Do I need a license for the Calibri font? If I do, does anyone know about how much a font license would cost in a case like this?

I wrote Ascender Corporation and asked them about this issue. Here is the e-mail conversation:

Ascender Corportation,

The game I am making will only be
available on the Apple App Store for
the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. I am
not embedding the font in the game, I
am only using it in Adobe Photoshop to
generate textures that will be
displayed when the game is running.
Please, tell me about the license that
fits this circumstance.



Thank you for the additional
information. We can provide you with a
license to distribute the Calibri
regular font in a single game title,
on just the iPhone/iPod Touch
platform in one bitmap size for
. Our standard license term
for game developers is a perpetual
term but for Calibri we can only
provide renewable two year terms. We
have reduced the license fee to
reflect the shorter term. You can
renew the license for additional two
year terms at your option. There are
no unit reporting requirements and the
license fee includes warranty and
indemnification from Ascender

Please let me know if you have any
questions or if you want to proceed
with a license. Best regards,
Ascender Corporation

This seems a little egregious, $750 for a single size? I am not even confident that the game I am making will make that much! Does this sound right?

Do I need to buy a license for a font to use it in an iPhone game? [closed]