Fastest way to get class types of elements of a cell array

I have a (large) cell array, with various data types. For example,

 myCell = { 1, 2, 3, 'test',  1 , 'abc';
            4, 5, 6, 'foob', 'a', 'def' };

This can include more obscure types like java.awt.Color objects.

I want to ensure that the data in each column is of the same type, since I want to perform table-like operations on it. However, this process seems very slow!

My current method is to use cellfun to get the classes, and strcmp to check them

% Get class of every cell element
types = cellfun( @class, myCell, 'uni', false );
% Check that they are consistent for each column
typesOK = all( strcmp(repmat(types(1,:), size(types,1), 1), types), 1 );
% Output the types (mixed type columns can be handled using typesOK)
types = types(1, :);

% Output for the above example: 
% >> typesOK = [1 1 1 1 0 1]
% >> types = {'double', 'double', 'double', 'char', 'double', 'char'}

I had thought to use cell2table, since it does type checking for the same reason. However, it doesn’t give me the desired result (which columns are which types, strictly).

Is there a quicker way to check type consistency within a cell array’s columns?

Edit: I’ve just done some profiling, and it appears the types = cellfun( @class, ...) line takes over 90% of the processing time. If your method is only subtly different to mine, it should be that line which changes, the strcmp is pretty quick.

Fastest way to get class types of elements of a cell array