Holt-Winters time series forecasting with statsmodels

I tried forecasting with holt-winters model as shown below but I keep getting a prediction that is not consistent with what I expect. I also showed a visualization of the plot

Train = Airline[:130]
Test = Airline[129:]

from statsmodels.tsa.holtwinters import Holt

y_hat_avg = Test.copy()
fit1 = Holt(np.asarray(Train['Passengers'])).fit()
y_hat_avg['Holt_Winter'] = fit1.predict(start=1,end=15)
plt.plot(Train.index, Train['Passengers'], label='Train')
plt.plot(Test.index,Test['Passengers'], label='Test')
plt.plot(y_hat_avg.index,y_hat_avg['Holt_Winter'], label='Holt_Winter')

I am unsure of what I’m missing here.

Here's the plot visualization

The prediction seems to be fitted to the earlier part of the Training data

Holt-Winters time series forecasting with statsmodels