How to Convert Scanned Text Images into Editable Format

How to Convert Scanned Text Images into Editable Format

To scan a handwritten or printed document is now an easy task with OCR technology. OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition which is used to recognize the text characters and convert them into ASCII code. This technology is being utilized in passports, business cards, bank statements, and sales invoices. Many software programs have been developed with OCR technology.

Convert JPG to Word

JPG to Word Converter from the company Soft Solutions is such a software which is capable to digitize any image file or document into an editable Word format. This format allows you to make changes according to your requirement, including graphics, charts, fonts, shapes, etc. You can also put hyperlinks, footnotes, and bookmarks.

JPG to Word Converters has lots of good features such as:

Time Saver: It is such a time-consuming task to work manually to convert the data one by one. This software can manage numerous files altogether for conversion. It also gives you the option to save the files in your preferred pathway. It saves your valuable time which you can use it in other important work.

High Accuracy Results: JPG to Word Converter always gives you high accuracy results. It has a DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting which means the higher DPI the more accurate results. This software also corrects the blurred, broken or tilted characters and matches with the stored characters.

Support Foreign Languages: JPG to Word Converter can identify the text in more than 40 languages. Now, you will not get into any trouble if your document language is different. It gives you the chance to get associated with foreign clients.

How to Convert Scanned Text Images into Editable Format

Support different Image Format: Besides JPG format, if you have your documents in a different image format such as PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG, so it can easily convert your image file into a Word format. Moreover, it also supports document formats like PDF, HTML and Text Format.

Security: It is a very important feature of the software because the information of the document can be valuable. That is why JPG to word Converter provides your documents watermark and password security. Your information can not be viewed or copied by any other source.


It may be concluded that JPG to Word Converter has lots of benefits. It provides you paperless work in no minutes. It is helpful, organized and easy to use. If you will select this smart innovation, your business will be changed from a disarranged bundle of papers into a finely organized and accessible digital storage system.

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