IDG Contributor Network: Cisco’s Webex future: they got it right this time

[Disclosure: Cisco is a client of the author.] 

To say I’m not a fan of Cisco’s Webex platform would be a huge understatement. But every platform out their sucks in some way with the current darling in market likely being Zoom.

So, it was with some surprise that, as I watched Amy Chang present in San Diego on the near-term future of Webex, I actually stopped doing email and was pulled into what she was saying and concluded “damn, she gets it.”

I’ve been involved in this space since the late 1980s and I’ve seen a ton of firms screw up, from IBM to Google. Every decade or so the industry gets excited about collaboration/video conferencing…and then loses its shirt. Largely because it doesn’t get that it isn’t about speeds and feeds, processors, closed systems or even platforms. It’s about communications, interoperation, simplicity and making it so someone working remotely isn’t disadvantaged.

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