map auto-based loop single element access C++

I’m trying to understand the “theory” besides the auto loop over


elements in C++.
I have a std::map with a std::string as KEY and a vector as VALUE. I can access its elements with:

for ( auto &element : myMap ) {
    std::cout << element.first << ": " << '\t';
    for ( std::string subElement : element.second ) std::cout << subElement << ", ";

as for the loop over the vector elements I know that I could put “auto” instead of “std::string”. But what would be the equivalent for the map in such case? I studied and searched around and I found in that post that each map element is accessed as a

map< K, V>::value_type

but how would I write it down? I tried:

for ( std::map<std::string, vector<std::string>> &pz : myMap ) {
    // print ...

and similars, but they just does not work.

Thanks in advance for any help!

map auto-based loop single element access C++