No speedup using asyncio despite awaiting API response

I am running a program that makes three different requests from a rest api. data, indicator, request functions all fetch data from BitMEX’s api using a wrapper i’ve made.

I have used asyncio to try to speed up the process so that while i am waiting on a response from previous request, it can begin to make another one.

However, my asynchronous version is not running any quicker for some reason. The code works and as far as I know, I have set everything up correctly. But there could be something wrong with how I am setting up the coroutines?

Here is the asynchronous version:

import time
import asyncio

from bordemwrapper import BitMEXData, BitMEXFunctions

asynchronous I/O

async def data():
    data = BitMEXData().get_ohlcv(symbol='XBTUSD', timeframe='1h', 
    await asyncio.sleep(0)
    return data

async def indicator():
    indicator = BitMEXData().get_indicator(symbol='XBTUSD', 
        timeframe='1h', indicator='RSI', period=20, source='close', 
    await asyncio.sleep(0)
    return indicator

async def request():
    request = BitMEXFunctions().get_price()
    await asyncio.sleep(0)
    return request

async def chain():
    data_ = await data()
    indicator_ = await indicator()
    request_ = await request()
    return data_, indicator_, request_

async def main():
    await asyncio.gather(chain())

if __name__ == '__main__':
    start = time.perf_counter()
    end = time.perf_counter()

    print('process finished in {} seconds'.format(end - start))

No speedup using asyncio despite awaiting API response