Protect flash video from download/right protect

Is it possible to protect flv files from download? I’d like to protect my files from download but I don’t have the money for a streaming server which I think provides some sort of protection. The files are streamed via PHP and are located in an upload folder on my server.

I’ve used PHP to ensure that only subscribers can view the video but I basically want to go a step further and prevent subscribers from, upon login, downloading my videos with downloaders such as Sothink Flv Downloader for Firefox.

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simple jdbc wrapper

To implement data access code in our application we need some framework to wrap around jdbc (ORM is not our choice, because of scalability).

The coolest framework I used to work with is Spring-Jdbc. However, the policy of my company is to avoid external dependencies, especially spring, J2EE, etc.
So we are thinking about writing own handy-made jdbc framework, with functionality similar Spring-jdbc: row mapping, error handling, supporting features of java5, but without transaction support.

Does anyone have experience of writing such jdbc wrapper framework?
If anyone has experience of using other jdbc wrapper frameworks, please share your experience.

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Find known sub image in larger image

Does anyone know of an algorithm (or search terms / descriptions) to locate a known image within a larger image?


I have an image of a single desktop window containing various buttons and areas (target). I also have code to capture a screen shot of the current desktop. I would like an algorithm that will help me find the target image within the larger desktop image (what exact x and y coordinates the window is located at). The target image may be located anywhere in the larger image and may not be 100% exactly the same (very similar but not exact possibly b/c of OS display differences)

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