Earth Day Google doodle delivers hopeful message from Dr. Jane Goodall

“Every single individual matters, every single individual makes some impact on the planet every single day,” says the renown ethologist and conservationist.

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Earth Day Google doodle delivers hopeful message from Dr. Jane Goodall

Looking for the puppy owner’s name that had the puppy most serviced by the Puppy Grooming

I have couple of tables:
The first one: Owner

Owner_ID    Owner_Name      
   1           Sam  
   2          Andrea
   3          Gabriela

Second one:

Puppy_ID   servided_date
1               01/25/2012
2               02/18/2012
3               05/14/2012

Third One:

Puppy's table

Puppy_ID     Owner_ID
1               1
2               2
3                3

I have this code:

Select owner_name
from puppy p, owner o 
where p.owner_id = o.owner_ID

From here I am stuck. I was thinking of a join between the tables but I am not sure

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Convert Cartesian expression to polar expression using SymPy

Is there a way to convert a Cartesian expression in SymPy to a polar one?
I have the following expression:


However, I can’t seem to get SymPy to acknowledge that this is 1/r in polar coordinates. I tried using the ‘subs’ command, both of the following options (I imported sympy as asp, and defined all of the symbols earlier):

expr = 1/sp.sqrt(x**2+y**2)

but in both cases, I simply receive the original expr again.

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NodeMailer – Cannot read property ‘getSocket’ of undefined

Node: v8.6.0
Nodemailer: v4.6.4

This is my code:

const transport = nodemailer.createTransport({ host: process.env.MAIL_HOST, port: process.env.MAIL_PORT, auth: { user: process.env.MAIL_USER, pass: process.env.MAIL_PASS } }); const generateHTML = (filename, options = {}) => { const html = pug.renderFile(`${__dirname}/../views/email/${filename}.pug`, options); const inlined = juice(html); return inlined; } exports.send = async (options) => { const html = generateHTML(options.filename, options); const text = htmlToText.fromString(html); const mailOptions = { from: `Site <>`, to:, subject: options.subject, html, text }; const sendMail = P.promisify(transport.sendMail, transport); return sendMail(mailOptions); }

When i execute sendMail i get this fail:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getSocket’ of undefined↵ at sendMail (/Users/…../node_modules/nodemailer/lib/mailer/index.js:143:24

I check the mention line and is this one:

if (typeof this.getSocket === 'function') {
            this.transporter.getSocket = this.getSocket;
            this.getSocket = false;

NodeMailer – Cannot read property ‘getSocket’ of undefined

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