Sprint continues decline, plans job cuts and cost cuts of $2.5 billion

(credit: Sprint)

Sprint’s place among the big four US wireless carriers continues to be a precarious one, with news reports saying the company now aims to reduce its number of employees and cut between $2 billion and $2.5 billion in costs over the next six months.

A memo from Sprint management to staff said there will be a hiring freeze and “job reductions,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Sprint announced days ago that it will skip a major auction of low-band spectrum, a decision that could push the company further behind its rivals. Sprint has licenses to more spectrum than any other carrier, but AT&T and Verizon control a large majority of low-band spectrum, which is ideal for providing coverage over long distances and indoors. T-Mobile says it intends to buy enough low-band spectrum to cover the entire nation; Sprint says it can improve coverage with its existing spectrum by increasing the number of cell towers.

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Maven will not execute tests

I have a default Maven directory structure, but it will not see/run my tests. The directory structure is as followed:


When I run the command mvn test, it tells me nothing, but a successful build.

The project is viewable on my Git over here.

This is my test class:

@SpringApplicationConfiguration(classes = Application.class)
public abstract class AbstractTest {

    private CustomerDAO dao;

    public void testGetCustomer() {
        Customer customer = new Customer();
        if (customer != null) {
            assertNotNull("Username isn't null", customer.getUsername());
            assertNotNull("Company isn't null", customer.getCompanyName());
            assertTrue(customer.getPhoneNumber().length() == 8);

    public void testGetCustomerPhoneNumber() {
        assertTrue(dao.getCustomer(0).getPhoneNumber().length() == 8);

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