Ominous messages left on 4chan day before Oregon college killings [Updated]

UPDATE: Shooting suspect named.

Postings referencing school violence in the Northwest appeared on the message board 4chan a day before Thursday’s mass killings that left 10 dead and many more injured at an Oregon community college.

One anonymous message addressed to “fellow robots” hoped readers would have “an enjoyable Elliot Rodger day”—a reference to the shooter who killed six near a Santa Barbara university last year. Another message read, “Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.”

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Highly personal data for 15 million T-Mobile applicants stolen by hackers

Hackers broke into a server and made off with names, driver license numbers, and other personal information belonging to more than 15 million US consumers who applied for cellular service from T-Mobile.

The breach was the result of an attack on a database maintained by credit-reporting service Experian, which was contracted to process credit applications for T-Mobile customers, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a statement posted online. The investigation into the hack has yet to be completed, but so far the compromise is known to affect people who applied for T-Mobile service from September 1, 2013 through September 16 of this year. It’s at least the third data breach to affect Experian disclosed since March 2013.

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Retailers said to be weighing lawsuits over chip cards, fraud-liability shift

U.S. retailers are contemplating lawsuits against banks and credit card companies over the slow rollout of chip-based card technology and the possible financial liability merchants began facing that started Oct. 1.

Retailers that did not install newer chip-enabled point of sale terminals in stores, restaurants and hotels as of Oct. 1 have to pay an extra fee to cover counterfeit fraud. Before Thursday, banks were liable for consumers’ use of magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. The liability shift deadline on Oct. 1 was set by banks four years ago to prompt the use of more secure chip technology to help lower the cost of fraud.

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