Selenium catch HTML every time change has been made in browser

Is it possible to use Selenium so that my code and browser will be integrated – I want to get updated HTML page every time I made any change on the web page in the browser?

In other words I would like to run my app which would automatically start a browser and every time I do any change on the web page selenium automatically get changed HTML in java/python code. For example select a dropdown item might be a good example.


Selenium catch HTML every time change has been made in browser

How to pass a path as a parameter into a second application in vc++?


Could someone answer my question, please?

I have an application, which is being developed in the Visual C++.
This application calls a second executable.
It passes a file path as a parameter.
How to do it correctly?
I mean double quotes, spaces and other special characters or their combinations.
For example, file My Doc.doc should be “My Doc.doc” (with double quotes).
PathQuoteSpaces is not a solution for me.
I need long paths (longer than MAX_PATH) and always well-formed parameter.
I call a MS’s application, and their standard is important.

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Knockout nested components: $(document).ready() … runs before nest component is loaded

So I have several nested knockout components:


component1 is my own component, written by me, but component2 is a third party code and I am not supposed to change it. Here is the problem:

In $(document).ready(), I use jquery $('button').click(...) to assign click even handler to, say, all buttons, for simplicity. The result it, only buttons inside component1 and outside component2 get the handler, and none of the button inside component2 has the handler (nothing happens when I click on them).

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Angular on Meteor with CoffeeScript/Jade

I feel like I’m so close, but I get hung up on why this setup isn’t working for me.

Thanks for anyone who can help out with this, I’m just trying to learn and have fun with a new project.


@App = angular.module('App', [

@App.config [
    ($interpolateProvider) ->
            .startSymbol '[['
            .endSymbol   ']]'


@App.config [
    '$stateProvider', '$urlRouterProvider', '$locationProvider'
    ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $locationProvider) ->
        $locationProvider.html5Mode true
        $urlRouterProvider.otherwise '/home'
            url: '/home'
            templateUrl: UiRouter.template 'home'

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