Metadata 101 for Content Marketers: Your Questions Answered


Call me a nerd (you wouldn’t be the first), but I am fascinated by metadata.

For years, I have been thinking about the importance of organizing our content on the CMI website so people can find what’s most important to them instead of what’s most recent, and I know metadata is the key to this. (In fact, I often think about this post from Doug Kessler on what he referred to as library marketing waaaay back in 2010.)

Of course, content strategists have been organizing content for decades (it’s just one of the things content marketers can learn from content strategists), and I have been determined to learn more.

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Unable to git rebase following branch contribution from another user

I am having an issue rebasing the main development branch master onto my feature branch crm-feature.

I am attempting to do this using the normal method of git rebase master crm-feature

When I do this I find that I get to a certain point in the rebase when every commit becomes a conflict.

Looking at the list of commits in Github I see all my commits (authored by me) and then commits from others then all my commits seem to be recreated for some reason. All these commits show like this:

enter image description here

So from newest at the top to oldest my commit log looks like this:

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Oracle Apex: Aggregate show as top row

Currently I use interactive report of Oracle Apex

    Column1    Column2
A1     1          2
A2     2          3
A3     3          4
A4     4          5
       10         14

After showing data, I do some calculation such as sum Column1, Column2 using aggregate function SUM of interactive report

But the result show as the last row of report so I have to scroll to see the result.

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Dynamically change height of UIView to fit content

I’m new to Swift (coming over from PHP). I’m a little lost as the behaviour of UIView seems to be a little inconsistent for me.

On my main screen I have an activity list, with each activity item contained in a UIView. This interface is built on a UITableView with a custom prototype cell.

Tapping on an item causes a segue into a new view that should display the full article. What I’m noticing however is that while my UIView’s within the table cells seem to auto adjust their height to fit the length of the text content. The UIView I’m using for my article background does not resize.

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Invoke Powershell Cmd for Add-AppxPackage Remove-AppPackage using C#

I’m working on a small C# program to uninstall and reinstall windows appxpackages.
I’ve used many of the powershell commands manually and they all work fine if ran via powershell however I would like to just make a button that runs the command without having to go look up the command then copy paste it into the prompt window. I’ve researched this method for a few days now and I’ve not found anything helpful.
Everywhere I look other users have done something like this however while this will compile this will not do anything. Perhaps I am just not seeing something or perhaps not understanding something. Can anyone please help!

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