PlayStation Now updated with PS4 game support—and a hint at its future

Enlarge / There they are! PS4 games, ready for your paid-streaming pleasure.

Sony’s paid game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, launched a significant update on Thursday with support for current-gen PlayStation 4 games. The feature is live for anybody who pays for an ongoing PS Now subscription, either on PS4 consoles or Windows PCs, and it adds 20 PS4 games to the service’s hundreds of PS3 games.

PlayStation Now, which launched for a variety of devices in 2014, delivers playable games in streaming fashion—meaning, they’re rendered on a server farm and gameplay is streamed to your system of choice. The service recently stopped receiving updates on most of its originally supported platforms, however. Only PS4 consoles and Windows PCs will be able to access the service starting August 15.

Today’s update adds a scant few PlayStation-exclusive games: Resogun, God of War III Remastered, Exist Archive, and Killzone Shadow Fall. The rest of today’s PS4 roster consists of deeply discounted triple-A games (Tropico V, Darksiders II, Saints Row IV), ho-hum games (MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore, Evolve), indies (Nidhogg, Broken Age, Super Mega Baseball), and more.

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