Stuff We Love Online: Simpsons Pictures That I Have Gone and Done

We’d love to meet Chris (Simpsons artist), the man behind ‘Simpsons Pictures That I Have Gone and Done’. A supremely talented illustrator / creator of unforgettable imagery, he has built up a cult-like following of devoted fans and supporters across his social media channels.

​If you appreciate the weirder things in life, you’ll love his work. Had a rough day? Do yourself a favour and take a closer look…

Chris (Simpsons artist) has built up a genuinely engaged community on his Facebook page and regularly responds to comments left on his pictures with touching (and often hilarious) replies. 

Q: Chris (Simpsons artist) what would your powers be if you were a pokeman?

A: i think that if i was a pokemon my power would be to just be able to have a eat of as much bread as i want without feeling sick and i would lie down on my bedroom floor all day just eating every single slice of life that i can fit inside of my throat it would be so beautiful.

​love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

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