The Power of Partnering up With Influencers

Why do people promote a certain brand? It’s more than excellent customer support or the right branding strategy. It is also about having better connections in the industry. Ever wonder why a newcomer brand that doesn’t necessarily have a superior product ends up getting more traffic and sales overnight? The secret is usually in their collaboration with complementary brands in the industry. Today, you’ll learn the power of partnering up with influencers to power up your viral referral marketing campaigns. Companies such as Hunting Bow Lab have reported a 30% increase in sales after starting a referral program.

What’s a Viral Referral Marketing Campaign?

Before we proceed, let us first define what a viral referral marketing campaign is. Referral marketing is done by allowing your website visitors or customers to refer other people to your website. This is often done with referral software.This software generates a referral form for your prospects and it immediately registers new referrals as well as pay the referrers their rewards for their action. Using this tool, you can give your visitors or customers the power to freely promote your brand and get more people into your website.

Why Partner With Influencers?

Now, you may think that viral referral marketing is great. But it may lead you to wonder how it relates with influencer marketing. Well, if you promote your referral programs with influencer marketing, it becomes twice as powerful. This is because you are not only leveraging your customer’s or visitor’s connections. Instead, you also leverage the connections of popular influencers in your industry. This makes your campaign twice as powerful because you get to reach a wider market.

To be specific, there are four more benefits. Here are the reasons why you should partner with influencers.

1. It Gives You Instant Credibility

If you’re a new brand in the industry, you’ll know how difficult it is to gain credibility in your field. Think about it. No one knows about you. You are a fresh, new brand and no one has worked with you yet. Because of this, you have no social proof to show.

But if you work with an influencer, everything changes. This is because you can now get an influencer to vouch for you. An influencer is not called as such for nothing. They are called ‘influencers’ because their opinion matters. So if they promote your brand and tell their followers that you have good products and services, their followers will probably believe them.

This is effective not just for fresh, new brands. It can also increase the exposure of an existing brand. More than the quality of your products and services, it is also important to have as wide of a reach as possible. The more people you get your brand to, the higher your chance of converting these cold leads into sales.

2. It Lowers Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the things that ecommerce sellers dread is cart abandonment. This is where a customer is in the middle of buying something only to change their mind and leave their carts. It can be counted as a lost sale. It is like being on the brink of closing the deal but falling short because you have not met their requirements.

Influencer marketing can help you counter this. When your customer is second guessing whether or not he should buy from you, you can show him how you worked with an influencer or several influencers. This goes in line with increasing your credibility. If the customer finds you to be more credible, then he will be less likely to leave his cart. It is an ecommerce seller’s goal to lower shopping cart abandonment and partnering with an influencer can help you do that.

3. It Helps You Gain New Friends in the Industry

One of the things that I have learned from doing business a long time is that you cannot do it alone. In fact, working with others will not only triple your chance of success but it can also help you gain success faster. So while others are still working on their own while launching ads and building backlinks to their website, you can expand by working with influencers in your industry. This is a wiser form of promotion for each action has a greater payment in the long run.

Here’s why it is more effective. When you launch an ad, the traffic stops when the ad stops. This means that your sales will also stop as well. The same is true when you build a backlink. When the backlink is removed, the promotion is gone and no one will visit your site anymore. But that’s not the case with viral marketing campaigns with influencers. Usually, there is an emotive value when you get an influencer to promote you. This builds your brand recall. Your customers will remember you as the brand that has worked with a particular influencer. So even if the influencer ended up promoting other brands, it still cannot erase the fact that it promoted you before.

4. It’s The Fastest Way to Get More Traffic and Sales

There are two types of search engine optimization (SEO). The old type of SEO is where you build backlinks to your site. The more backlinks you get, the higher your chance of ranking on the search engines. SEO is needed so that you can get more traffic and sales from your search engine listings.

But the new type of SEO involves working with influencers. Instead of getting backlinks from as many places as you can, go for websites that already have traffic to begin with. Talk to the site owners and work together. This is far more effective when it comes to generating more traffic and sales.

Now that you have seen the value of working with influencers, let us now go to the strategies. In this article, you’ll learn 8 strategies to partner with influencers for your viral referral marketing campaign.

Give a Product Away

One of the easiest ways to partner with an influencer is to have a giveaway. It’s easy because it doesn’t take a ton of effort from an influencer to promote you. Plus, they have a good reason to promote your brand. It is not because they are using your products but because you have products that you are giving away. A giveaway may seem simple but you’ll be surprised on how effective it is. In fact, this is the secret behind the list of internet marketers like Bryan Harris.

Doing this is easy. All you need is a giveaway app or plugin. The most popular one is KingSumo Giveaways. This is because you can customize the template based on your needs. Not only can you customize the text, you can also customize the images. Then, it has a time that informs the contestants about the end of the contest.

Once you set up your giveaway, it is all a matter of contacting influencers whose market may be interested in the product. When you tell influencers about your giveaway, it is important to not be too pushy. It helps to just tell them that you are having a giveaway and they may be interested in joining. If you combine your giveaway with your referral program where you give referrers more chances of winning, you may just get an influencer to promote you without even asking.

Give an Exclusive Discount Code

Another way to partner with an influencer in your viral referral marketing program is to give an exclusive discount code. On top of asking for an influencer’s feedback on your products and services, you can ask them to promote your site with a discount code that is named after them. You can combine this with sending products to influencers for review and this is often enough to get them to promote you. For this to work, the influencer must like your product. So it is important to let them try your products before you ask them to promote their exclusive discount code.

Collaborate on Products

A not-so-common but very effective strategy is to collaborate with an influencer on products. For example, you can ask a fashion blogger to collaborate on a clothing collection for your online store. Or you can ask a gamer to create a unique computer chair, mouse or keyboard. The niche may not even be related. You can ask a celebrity to create a limited edition chocolate if that’s what you are selling. It is all up to your creativity.

Create Limited Edition Products

If the influencer is busy and he doesn’t have the time to collaborate on a product with you, you can just create a product in their name and offer it as a limited-time product in your online store. When you do this, the influencer will not pass the chance to promote the product that you have created just for them. They’ll make their influencers know.

The best part about limited edition products is you can charge higher. Since the designs of the products will not be sold in the market again, you can add 10 or 20% to the normal price. If the design is good, it will still sell even at a higher price point.

Host a Contest Together

Another way to work with an influencer is to host a contest together. This is good for growing your follower count and social media engagements. You can ask contestants to perform an action or a series of actions in order to qualify. Then, you can make the contest exclusive to a particular influencer or a group of influencers. This will increase the influencer’s like count and engagements along with yours.

NOTE: This may work better if you already have your own followers. This is not a good strategy for fresh, new brands.

Campaign for a Cause

One of the easiest ways to get an influencer on board without paying them a dime is to campaign for a cause. This can be as simple as donating a dollar to charity for every sale you get or you can have a bigger advocacy to feed hungry children in Africa. In any case, a cause will usually get the right influencers on board. Here’s the key. Look for that one thing that the influencer cares about the most. You’ll understand this when you look at their content. From here, you can create a cause that they can promote to their market. A good example is veganism and care for animals. If you are selling vegan cosmetic products that are not tested on animals, then you can ask a vegan influencer to promote you. Add a cause to the equation and it becomes more powerful. So if you ask them to promote you and tell them that a certain amount will go to an animal shelter, then they will have a higher chance of helping you out.

Create Viral Content Together

If you can’t create products together, you can always create content together. Most influencers are experts in creating content. Whether it be in written, visual or video content, you can think of something where you can collaborate in and promote your brand at the same time. Although this can be quite costly compared to the other ideas in this article, it is the most effective if done right. The key is to create more than the content. It is to appeal to the emotions of the audience. From here, you’ll be able to get the influencer to promote your content for you created it together.

Think Outside of the Box

The best viral marketing campaigns are done by thinking outside of the box. If you are only doing what others are doing, then you’ll get the same results. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to think outside of the box. You don’t need to do more. You just need to be wiser. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any advice in this area. This is all up to your creativity.

If you are not working with influencers for your viral marketing campaign, you are clearly losing traffic and sales. I hope you find these strategies valuable as you work with influencers in your next viral referral marketing campaign.

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