What are Backlinks, It’s (Importance) and How to Build High Quality Backlinks

how to build high quality backlinks

What is a Backlink?

A Backlink is an incoming link to a website or a webpage. If you are a website owner, a Backlink for you is a hyperlink on a third-party webpage or website, which when clicked redirects (recommends) the web user to your webpage or website. A Backlink is also known as inbound link, inward link, inlink or incoming link.

what is a backlink

Backlinks are vital for your website as they determine how popular (important) your website is. Backlinks play an important role in the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website because search engines rank your website on the based on its popularity.

Importance of Backlink

In the real world, recommendations by masses or experts influence decision-making ability of human when he or she is buying the product. A product with maximum recommendation over period gains popularity, reaches the top and thus becomes the first choice of the buyer. That is what a backlink does online, it recommends and makes your product i.e. your website, valuable, popular and gives you Referral traffic (customers).

Backlinks are the main building blocks to good Search engine optimization of a website and help them Improves organic ranking in search engines.

Search engines, like Google, MSN, etc. continuously work to evolve their complex algorithm so that their users get a real life experience from the search results. They prefer websites with considerable amount of quality backlinks and consider those websites more relevant compared to others in their search result pages for a search query.

For a new website, backlink is very important as it helps in fast indexing of the website. A Backlink to a website makes it search engine friendly, as it helps the search engine discover links to your website and crawl your website efficiently.

Important Note: If you think, just getting bulk backlinks from all kinds of website is good enough for ranking your website on Google you are incorrect.

Terms related to backlink

Before we discuss more about Backlink, it is important that you are familiar with a few terms related to backlink:

Link Juice:  When a webpage backlinks to your article or website it is treated as a vote of recommendation for your website, it passes the link juice. The more trusted that website is by the search engines the more Link Juice it has and the more benefit you get in search engine ranking.

Nofollow Link: When a backlink on another website to your website has a “nofollow” tag (rel=”nofollow”) in its html code it is a No-follow links.

<a href=”http://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”> anchor text </a>

A webmaster uses Nofollow links, to prevent transfer of link juice from their website to other websites. A no follow backlink does not contribute to search engine ranking, but if it is from an authoritative (popular) relevant website then it does bring in a lot of potential traffic.

Dofollow link: Any backlink which does not contain the “nofollow” tag (rel=”nofollow”) is a Dofollow link. By default, all the links are Dofollow link and they pass the link juice.

<a href=”http://www.example.com/”> anchor text </a>

A Dofollow backlink from a relevant website, especially an authoritative website helps in boosting search engine ranking of your website.

Low-Quality Link: A Low-quality link is a backlink that originates from spam website, automated website, link harvest website, or even porn website. Such backlink harm your website ranking because of irrelevancy. That is the reason why one should be careful while buying backlinks.

Internal Links: Links that redirects you from one page to another on the same website/domain are known as internal links, and this process is called internal linking.

Keyword: Keyword in terms of SEO is a common word or phrase related to a topic regularly used by a web surfer on a search engine to get results on that topic. Example some for someone looking for a company providing SEO service in India will mostly type “SEO service India” on the search engine.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is the word or words that are used to hyperlink. If you want to rank for a particular set of words (keyword) on search engine, anchor text back linking is the best way.

Broken Link:  Like businesses, many online websites also shut down or undergo maintenance and restructuring.  A broken link also called a dead link is a link on a webpage that no longer functional because the website or webpage it links to has been shut down or has been removed or it’s URL has changed. Clicking on that backlink will take you to page with a 404 error page.

Good and Bad Backlink

Before the Google Penguin algorithm (announced on April 24, 2012), one could get a website rank well on Google by even getting bulk of low-quality backlinks. Search engines now have started calculating the relevancy of a website to a specific keyword by considering the number of QUALITY backlinks to that website.

good and bad baclinks

So the backlink from a relevant website is considered as a Good backlink and that form an irrelevant website, spam website, link harvest website, automated website, or even porn website is considered as a Bad backlink. Thus, we should not be contented with just getting a backlink, it is the quality of the backlink that matters the most.


  • For a Restaurant website, a good backlink is an incoming link from a food blog, travel website, niche directories, etc.
  • For an Animal hospital, a good backlink is an incoming link from a pet health website, pet blog, online city directory, etc.

The more relevant the website from which your website has a backlink, the better is the quality of that backlink. Bad Backlink from irrelevant websites give a negative push to your website on search engine ranking. Backlinks from automatically link generating pages called link farms are disregarded by search engines, getting backlinks from such webpages can get your website banned entirely.

Avoid the following when you are building backlinks for your website:

  1. Low-quality article directory submission websites
  2. Excessive Link exchange between websites, especially non-relevant ones.
  3. Link farms that generate thousands of automatically generated links
  4. Paid links that manipulate the PageRank

It is good to check and try to remove backlinks from an irrelevant website once a year. You can get a bad backlink removed by communicating with the webmaster of the website from where it is originating.

How to build Quality Backlink

Now that you know that, the secret of getting good ranking and loads of traffic from search engines is to build high quality backlinks from relevant websites. Now, let us discuss how to get high quality backlinks for your website.

While building backlinks for your website keep this in mind that Search engines want a level playing field for all the websites, and looks for natural backlinks built slowly over time. So do not rush when you start a link building campaign for your website or else the search engines will get suspicious.

Following are the ways to get high quality backlinks to your website:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Write awesome Content
  3. Submit to web directories
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Broken Link Building
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Reverse engineer your competitors

Guest Posting:

Guest posting on authoritative websites from your niche is an excellent, free and easy way to get high quality backlinks. Posting on dofollow forum, blogs, etc. gives, you boost in ranking. Websites with high authority and nofollow tag for guest posting are also good as they drive quality traffic to your website. Always make sure that the guest posting is done on a relevant website.

Write awesome Content

As discussed earlier, content and relevant backlink are the top two ranking factors on Google. A quality and authoritative content on an in-demand subject has a great potential for getting backlinks from other websites as references.

Submit to web directories

Submitting your website to web directory, especially to the one specific to your niche, is another easy way to get backlink. Always avoid the web directories that ask for link exchange i.e. you have to create a backlink for them from your website to their website to get backlink to your website from their directory.

Social Media Marketing

Social media does not guarantee in search engine ranking directly. But, social media is a great way of getting exposure for your content and traffic to your website. If the content or product on your website is unique, authoritative, compelling, or in-demand it will be shared a lot and you will definitely get backlinks from other websites as references.

Broken Link Building

A broken link on a website is not good for its SEO. The Broken link-building strategy is based on the principle of reciprocity that offers to repair a broken link on the website from which you want a backlink.

This involves checking the outgoing links on an authoritative website related to your niche and find the broken links amongst them that relate to topics on your website. Report the broken link to the webmaster of that website and offer to link to your website as an alternative in return to your favor.

Internal Linking

Distributing link juice to internal pages helps in improving your websites SEO. Distributing Link juice throughout your website increases the authority of your homepage. It is always wise to deep link to your authoritative content from relevant blog posts.

Reverse engineer your competitors

Check the backlinks to your competitor’s website and isolate backlinking opportunities that benefit your business the most. Replicating your competitor’s backlink strategy will bring you at par with him in terms of search engine preference.


Backlinks from trusted, authoritative and popular relevant websites give a major boost to your search engine rankings. Along with improving search, ranking high quality backlinks give your website a good exposure and a lot of referral traffic. We hope that this article will help you to understand:

  1. Basics of Backlink
  2. The importance of Backlink in SEO
  3. Why you need Backlinks for your Website
  4. Precaution needed while building backlinks
  5. How to get high quality Backlink

If you still need help in getting high quality Backlink for your website, feel free to contact us.

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