What is the Role of AI in SEO and How Can Marketers use RankBrain To Their Benefit?

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword across a host of industries. This technology has such a diverse range of uses that its market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 55% from 2018-2025. What does this mean? It means that while the artificial intelligence market size was estimated to be a 4,065 Million USD in 2016, it will hit 1,69,411 Million USD by 2025. With this in mind, let’s go over the merits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, with special reference to AI and SEO.

What is AI used for in digital marketing?

What is the Role of AI in SEO and How Can Marketers use RankBrain To Their Benefit

Often, artificial intelligence sounds so futuristic that people forget that its already being extensively used. AI is used in digital marketing for a range of services such as ad research, understanding the relevancy of a brand’s content, and enhancing the use of customer data during cross selling. It can also help marketers accurately evaluate which emotional notes resonate with their audience in a particular campaign, allowing them to construct future campaigns with unprecedented data points. Finally, it also helps marketers streamline their ads in a more effective manner, ensuring that they are visible to the right consumers at the right time.

As AI is a piece of technology that evolves on a daily basis, this is something that will continue to be relevant to marketers. As opposed to static strategies that may become redundant after a certain trend is over and done with, AI can consistently churn out insights that will matter. Thus, it’s no secret why this technology is considered to be the future of SEO.

Read on to understand how AI is impacting SEO.

What is Google’s RankBrain and How Does it use AI to improve SEO?

What is the Role of AI in SEO and How Can Marketers use RankBrain To Their Benefit

Google’s RankBrain is relatively new algorithm that was only introduced a few years ago. However, in spite of its relative infancy, this technology has already significantly impacted the way SEO and ranking occurs on Google. RankBrain is mainly used to understand what consumers mean when they enter a search item. With this AI algorithm, Google shows consumers results that are relevant to the intent behind their search, rather than just showing content that contains the same keywords. By customizing each and every search and studying various elements of a page, such as the meta descriptions, PageRank and more, (instead of solely relying on keyword-rich content), RankBrain offers a far better search experience for users.

5 SEO Strategies that can help you leverage artificial intelligence to your benefit!

As a marketer, your SEO strategy can determine the success or failure of your campaign. Using artificial intelligence to your advantage can help you power your content in a more effective manner and get it the eyeballs it deserves. The following are a few SEO strategies recommended by Dignitas Digital, an award winning digital marketing agency, that you can employ in order to leverage AI for SEO:

Use long-tail keywords that echo search styles:

More often than not, consumers enter long-tail keywords into their searches. These keywords aren’t just a mix of words, but are proper phrases that mimic the way consumers speak. Ensuring that your content contains such keywords can be one crucial way to leverage RankBrain to your advantage.

Use customer reviews to your benefit:

5 SEO Strategies that can help you leverage artificial intelligence to your benefit - Customer Reviews

Google is filled with customer reviews and this offers great data for marketers who want to understand the kind of language customers may conduct searches in. if you see specific phrases or styles of phrasing repeated with regards to a product or a brand, then you should consider using them as a part of your SEO strategy. Google often uses customer reviews as a factor while showing listings. If a specific review says something like “this market offers great shoes at decent prices”, then a search with keywords will “good cheap shoes” will throw that store up as one of the results. One way to leverage this to your advantage is to ensure that your brand as a Google My Business page so that customers can leave reviews, which help with organic SEO.

Use Google’s Keywords Planner to your benefit:

With RankBrain now being a huge part of the way Google functions, using their own keyword planning tools can help you the most. Google’s keywords planner offers marketers a whole list of pertinent keywords that they can pick and choose, according to their needs. It also shows how often a keyword is searched, so that marketers can plan their content strategies in a more effective manner. Do not try to re-invent the wheel with your keywords search. When you have a resource at your fingertips, why not use it?

Chatbots Powered By AI can help you increase sales

Chatbots are one of the most commonly used types of AI by marketers. Many huge brands use AI to help guide their customers towards making sales based on their queries. By using chatbots, you can expose your customers to a world of content like videos, articles, podcasts, and so on, without asking them to do the searching. An AI chatbot can work in links or information into a conversation organically. This can make the suggestions seem less pushy and can inspire customers to explore the content you’ve created for them.

Keep your content original and engaging

5 SEO Strategies that can help you leverage artificial intelligence to your benefit - Original Content

You cannot leverage any SEO strategy to your benefit unless you have original content. Having great content is the first key step towards making your online strategy a success. If other consumers have reacted positively to your content, then the AI is more likely to show it to more consumers who are conducting similar searches. However, the opposite also holds true. If consumers react negatively to your content, the search engine will stop ranking it after a while, making your page irrelevant and virtually non-existent. So, be careful about what you post!

RankBrain has been improving the way Google’s SEO runs and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Thus, it makes the most sense for marketers to leverage this technology to improve their SEO strategies. The tips mentioned above should help you kickstart your content plan.

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